Kin & Gin Matsuba varieties


Gin Matsuba are silver Metallic koi, scales are neatly aligned with contrasting color of silver and black on the body

Kin Matsuba are golden metallic koi, scales are neatly aligned with contrasting color of gold and black on the body

The first matsuba was produced in 1960, Modern matsuba have bright coloration with strong luster, every scale is brilliantly embossed. 

A dark mask pattern on the head can contrast to the shine of the golden or sliver koi face. Scales on the Hi of the body are dark as a young koi, they will break up as the koi grows to a beautiful pattern show casing each scale. Known as the pineapple pattern, the metallic scales have a contrasting colour bordering each scale.  

dositu Leather Skin A variation of the matsuba colouring with a lateral line of dositu (large Scale) along the spine with leather skin, high metallic in Gold & Black. Stunning when full grown. 

Kujaku koi with a white base, accented by black edging on the scales, along with pattern combinations of Red, Orange, Yellow depending on the individual koi.

Variations of Kujaku include Dositu Kujaku & tancho Kujaku


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