The History of Goldfish

The History of Goldfish

The Goldfish is probably the most popular pet fish in the world, there are very few countries where they have not been introduced. Although we know that the goldfish species are native to china. There are very few clues to tell us when it was first domesticated.

No other fish has a pedigree dating back for over one thousand years. True authentication of the existence of the goldfish appears during the sung dynasty (960-1279A.D.)

During the eleventh century, goldfish breeders were improving their stock and able to produce the gold colour with which we are familiar today.

Fancy Goldfish; in 1200 you find the first instance of fancy goldfish, fish with snow white, lustrous bodies and black spots call "tortoiseshell fish."

after this there is no further reference to fancy goldfish until the latter part of the ming dynasty (1368-1644), when a large number of multi-coloured varieties are mentioned.

By the seventeenth century, goldfish in a whole range of a different colours and designs were being bred in quantity.

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