DIY How to install a preformed pond

DIY How to install a preformed pond

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DIY instructions below

  1. Dig a hole that will enclose the length & width of your pond add 23cm (9") to allow for back filling, Depth should be the deepest level of the pond.
  2. You want a compacted bottom of 2.5cm of brickies sand , when the pond is placed in the hole it should be level with the top of the hole. (tip we check the levels as we go along)
  3. The pond must be levelled from end to end & side to side, use a spirit level for this. If its not level add or remove sand as needed till its level


  4. Place your pond in the hole and commence filling the pond with water via a hose, at the same time backfill with sand. The water level in the pond should be kept the same as the backfill level to give maximum support to the pond. (when we install the larger ponds in this range, we put bricks under the shelves and fill the sand around them, this keeps everything more stable.

  5. Take your time and push the sand in with a wooden pole, make sure to pack everything very tight especially under the shelves, filling the water level in the pond as your go. We also do a light spray of water over the whole thing every couple of minutes to wet down the packed sand, leave to settle and repeat till hole is packed tight.

 6. Your pond will have lifted a few millimetres out of the hole. This is good as you don't want run off water seeping into the pond when it rains.

 7. Now your pond is full and the sand is packed hard you should leave the pond to settle for 24hrs and finish backfill when sand has settled. Check all your levels.


8.Finish the backfill. Check all your levels

Your ready for the fun part, design your garden and pond surrounds, this is only limited by how creative you want to be. Below are some ideas and examples of completed preformed ponds  

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