Hikari oranda gold goldfish 100grams mini pellet

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Hikari oranda gold goldfish 100g floating pellet 2mm Mini

quality product at a affordable price

All our fish are outside year round, however i still feed this to my small developing oranda's. For all fish you want the added vitamin C to keep them healthy. 

hikari says provides marvelous growth and desirable form.

promotes true wren development normally not possible without live foods while eliminating the parasite and bacterial problems normally associated with these types of foods.

Promotes coloration not normally expected in goldfish raised indoors due to the extreme lack of UV.

The technology we use also helps prevent fading.

contains stabilized vitamin C which supports immune system health.

packed with resealable foil bag for freshness

Crude Protein 46%, Crude fat 6%, Crude Fibre 5%, moisture 10%, Ash 15%. Vitamin A, d3, E (stabilized vitamin C) vitamin B12 supplement.