Hikari goldfish Lionhead 100grams mini pellet 1.2mm

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Hikari goldfish lionhead 100g floating pellet 1.2mm

Why you would feed hikari lionhead sinking pellet!

Great food, i like that it sinks, good growth. Summer feeding

Hikari Lionhead mini pellet is a sinking food specially formulated for Lionhead goldfish. High in amino acids to promote true Lionhead form.

Offers excellent growth rates through improved digestion and a high protein level.

High in stabilized vitamin C which reduces stress and promotes immunity.

The Bio-Technology formulation increases the colours normally missing in goldfish  kept indoors.

Crude Protein: min 46% ,Crude Fat: min 6% ,Crude Fibre: max 5%, Moisture: max 10% ,Crude Ash: max 12%