Excel Koi 3.5-4mm 5kgs 30 day colour enhancer plus FREE SHIPPING

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Hikari Excel Koi 3-4mm 5 kilos floating pellet

hikari Excel is an easily digested, scientifically developed colour enhancing diet made from a mixture of highly nutritious, wheat germ & pure-cultured spirulina.

Feed Excel for 30 days and you'll readily notice the white ar3eas taking on an extraordinarily fine and soft look with a show quality gloss and luster, while the red of the "hi" becomes more and more brilliant. 

Superior colour enhancement in 30 days

  • wont negatively impact white tones
  • contains high levels of wheat germ
  • high powered colour enhancing diet for koi & goldfish
  • Maintain luster and sheen
  • easily digested & assimilated even in lower temperature
  • offers pure-cultured spirulina 
  • contains drill meal & garlic
  • feeds both koi & goldfish
  • floating fish food
  • winter fish food

 Crude Protein 35%, Crude fat 4%, Crude Fibre 3%, moisture 10%, Ash 13%.