Hama Nishiki Pearlscale

Hama Nishiki - is a cross between the pearlscale and the oranda. The body shape and scales of the Hama Nishiki are essentially like those of the pearlscale. The dorsal fin is single and all the others are paired, but slightly longer on the Hama Nishiki than the pearlscale. 

The main characteristic that distinguishes the Hama Nishiki from a pearlscale is the presence of a hood covering the top of the head. Overall the fish will be larger than the pearlscale, growing to up to 15cm depending on the size of the tank or pond.

The dome shaped scales are easy to see as it the hood which develops as the fish matures. 

In the Hama Nishiki, the fins are longer than those of the pearlscale, but this is not always the case.


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