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Comets have the typical outgoing and curious goldfish personality being peaceful with other fish, whilst still a lively strong swimmer who will venture and explore all area's of the pond or aquarium. Bright colours of deep red and bright white top off the appeal of the comet goldfish.

As long as the water parameters are good your comets will thrive in both ponds or large fish tanks.

They are not to fussy and will do well in a pH of 7-8 with soft or hard water.

The comet goldfish is a very social fish and likes tank mates such as other peaceful, cold water fish including Marigolds, Shubunkins, Fantails, Koi, Telescope Eye. Generally i would not put them with fancy goldfish as the comet would always get to the food first.

 Comet goldfish are best kept in a school even if its only 3-4

 Comets grow up to 35cm, so they do need a good sized area to live in.

 They are a great fish for beginners. Our comets are bred here at the hatchery and are fed Goldy Spirulina and Goldy granule goldfish foods. They are bred yearly. 


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