Gin Rin Yamatoniski Butterfly 24cm Yamab2/Pblu Bright Gin Rin , Clear Head See the Video

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Gin-Rin Scale- (geen-leen) is a reference to a koi's scale type rather than the variety of koi, and literally means 'golden silver reflective scales, Gin Rin scaled koi are diamonds for your pond. The Gin Rin koi was developed by  Mr. Hoshino a well known Japanese koi breeder in the early 1900’s. It’s said that in 1929, Mr. Hoshino came across a fisherman who had caught a wild magoi that had many glittering scales. That fish was used as the genesis in the development of what we now know as the Gin Rin trait. Intense work by several early koi breeders in Hiroshima and Niigata Japan fixed this trait into Gin Rin koi.

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