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Australian Made food Floating Koi & Goldfish Pellet small 1mm 5kgs

Why you should buy our fish food

  •  Koi & Goldfish in ponds need artificial food to ensure that the fish are well fed and healthy.
  •  Our Australian made floating pellet provide the fish with the ideal balanced diet. Koi & Goldfish are omnivorous feeders,meaning that they require a diet which contains both plant and animal matter, our food contains all of the nutrients your fish will require to thrive, as well as natural colour enhancers to ensure that the Koi & Goldfish display their best colouration.
  • Our bite size floating Koi & Goldfish pellet will remain on the surface of the water until eaten.
  • The amount of food that is eaten by the koi and goldfish is largely dependent on water temperature, with the same fish eating more on a warm day than on a cool one.
  • Avoid overfeeding, as any uneaten food will decompose and pollute the pond. As a general rule the fish should be fed as much food as they can consume within five minutes.
  • Floating food is great as any excess can easily be netted off instead of going to the bottom of the pond.
  • At lower water temperatures the appeitite of the fish will decrease. Through out winter when the water is cooler feed half as much as you would in summer.
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