Demekin Goldfish

Demekin - In Japanese, "Deme" is a short nickname for Popped Eye and "Kin" is of course short for "Kingyo" which means goldfish. A cross between a blackmoor and a ryukin. The demekin has pop eyes and overall bigger more solid body than the black more with a high curved back. The tail should be split and can be of different lengths.

It is one of the more rounded or egg-shaped fancy goldfish. This rounded shape is enhanced by large bulbous eyes protruding from the sides of its head Its colouring is a deep, velvety black.

The English Black Moor was used by many breeders to introduce fine velvety black into their other breeds of fish. Along the way, a Demekin  was crossed with the English Black Moor. This created a deeper, stocky body and shorter tail. There are still lines of Black Moors that descend directly from the hardy English Black Moors. These make fine pond fish and are very solid black with no bronzing.

They are extremely cold hardy.

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