Book Ornamental Fish Farming, Goldfish & Tropical Fish

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 Book, Ornamental fish farming 

ORNAMENTAL FISH FARMING is a 528 page, hard cover, glossy-paged ‘how-to’ manual on the breeding, rearing and marketing of freshwater tropical fish and goldfish.

It is a practical hands-on book containing a great deal of never-before published information, written by a fish farmer, based on know-how from 30-plus years of the author’s personal experience. Although designed particularly for commercial breeders, it contains a great deal of information which can be used by hobbyists wishing to learn how to breed tropical fish and goldfish, starting with the basics.

Topics range from identifying the sexes to conditioning breeders, modes of fish reproduction and breeding set-ups for a wide range of species to water chemistry, from medication to marketing, site selection to selecting broodstock, fish farming techniques to production strategies, and a lot more.

Very importantly, the book provides more than just dry facts. Detailed explanations are given for why things are done the way they are;

CONTENTS Part 1: Some Fundamentals of Commercial Production

Part 2: Operating Styles, Strategies and Facilities

Part 3: Production Methods

Part 4: Production Methods Cont’d

Part 5: Miscellaneous Fish Farming Techniques

Part 6: Water Chemistry

Part 7: Fish Diseases and Health Management

Part 8: Marketing

Part 9: Site Selection

Part 10: Individual Species Glossary of Terms