Black koi (Sumi ) & Chagoi

Karasu (KAH rah soo) A solid black colored koi.  Karasu translates to "Crow" in Japanese. Karasu have either an orange or white belly.  At Windsor fish hatchery we breed these koi with lustrous black coloring, in dositu scale ( large scale entire fish, leather skin with a lateral line of doistu scale down both sides, Full leather skin (no scale) A beautiful fish that is great to contrast with the high colour in the pond.

Because of their bloodlines, they tend to grow quickly, into a strong koi, they stand out in the pond against the other coloured koi, and when you do spot them the beautiful leather skin looks like velvet under the water.

Hajiro is a deep black, with white on the pectoral and dorsal fins. Bred in Leather skin & Dositu Scale (large Scale on the lateral lines of the koi body)

Chagoi are solid brown koi and are known for being extremely friendly.They are very easy to train to hand feed, and most koi will follow the Chagoi once they realize how it accepts food so quickly. These koi also have large appetites and tend to grow large and fast!

Margoi  Colors inspired by nature with outstanding shimmering pine cone patterned scales

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