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Koi & Goldfish Aussie Made Flake Food for Small fish & Fry

Anyone who owns Koi or Goldfish will want to ensure that their fish remain healthy. This is where pond fish flakes or other pond fish food comes in essential. No one will doubt that both Koi and Goldfish need additional artificial food to ensure that they are not only well fed but also receive all the nutrients that they need to remain healthy. Here at Windsor Fish Hatchery, we sell 100% Australian made floating fish pellets, pond fish flakes and pond fish food to help provide your fish with the ideal balanced diet.

All of our pond fish flakes and pond fish food are made fresh on a weekly basis making sure that it reaches you in perfect condition giving you that extra peace of mind that you are doing the very best for your fish.

It is surprising how few people realize that Koi and Goldfish are both omnivores and as a result, require a diet that contains both plant and animal matter. This is something that is not always easy to obtain in an artificial environment such as a man-made pond or fish tank. As such, our food contains all of the nutrients your fish will require to thrive.

Our pond fish flakes are packed in 250g bags, again to maintain the food’s freshness.

We guarantee that the flakes will not be crushed when they arrive or your money back;.

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