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Koromo and Ai-goromo

Various types of the Koromo which means "robed" in Japanese, have been developed by crossbreeding. Asagi with other varieties. One of these representative types resulting from such a cross are the Ai-goromo which have blue bordered scales on the Hi patches but the head Hi is completely free of blue colour. 

Other Types of Koromo

Koi with Sumi instead of Ai are called "Sumi-goromo." In this type of Sumi appears not only on the body, but also the head Hi.

The 'Budo(Grape)Sanshoku" can on rare occasions be found among the fry of the Kohaku x Asagi, that produces the Ai-goromo. It is a very unique type with a violet- coloured Hi. 


it is a question whether to regard this koi as a Sumi-goromo, an Ai-goromo or a Goshiki. Sumi-goromo are koi with a kohaku pattern over which sumi spreads as if it is drawn with a brush. The pattern of the head, however decides it as a Sumi -goromo. It is very charming.

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