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 All goldfish are fascinating creatures that can aid relaxation and reduce anxiety. They are beautiful creatures that require little maintenance and a fish tank can be one of the main features of any room. Of course, there are reasons why you may wish to pay that little bit extra and purchase some fancy goldfish. These are fish that are slightly more unusual and generally, they are rarer breeds which will mean that you have something just that little bit different.

Here at Windsor Fish Hatchery, we have a wide range of fancy goldfish that will look great in your pond or aquarium. Our selection includes goldfish of different sizes, colours and temperaments so you can be confident that there is something that will complement your fish setup. You may already know what breed of fancy goldfish you are looking for or you may wish to seek our advice. All of our team are highly experienced and knowledgeable about fancy goldfish so will be able to give you the advice and answers that you are looking for.

The health and wellbeing of all our fish is very important to us. We breed all our fish from our own stocks as this way we can be 100% certain of their health. Of course, if you are buying fancy goldfish, you also want to be confident that this fish you are purchasing is a pedigree fish and you are getting what you are paying for. Once again, our in-house breeding program will guarantee this as we know that all our fish are purebred.

As you can see from our website, we have an extensive selection of goldfish which is one of the best in Australia. Much of the information about each breed of fancy goldfish can be found on our site by clicking the links but if you require more information then our team will only be too happy to give it to you. In addition to fish, we also stock tank and water cleaning products along with premium food that we give to all our fish.

We offer a live fish guarantee meaning that the fish will be alive and healthy when they are delivered to you – 1-2 days after They leave the farm on a Monday. If you would like more information about our extensive range of fancy goldfish, you can call us on 0432 790 703 between 9am and 5pm Tuesday to Friday. Alternatively, you can email us on or contact us via our website. 


  Shipping Cost

All Koi and Goldfish orders shipping is calculated at checkout, depending on Weight of fish and suburb being shipped to, our rates are very reasonable, live boxes, plastic bags and hospital grade oxygen are used in shipping the fish. 

Live Fish Shipment Day

All fish leave the hatchery on Mondays to ensure they arrive well before the weekend, normally within 12 to 72 hours to your house or business Monday to Friday only.

You don't have to be home for your order.

Our couriers do not work weekends and we don't want fish left in courier vans or in the courier warehouse, all fish are left at your front door if your not home. 

live fish arrival guarantee

Very rarely, despite every care being taken, a fish may die during shipping. In this circumstance if you have not yet opened the bag or let the fish into your aquarium or pond we will refund you the cost of the dead fish only.

To claim DOA you must complete the following:

1.Take a clear photo of the dead fish inside the bag showing that the bag is still intact and has not been opened.

2. Email the image along with your name and address to within 6 hours of receipt of the fish 

Find out how live fish shipping works here, this is VERY IMPORTANT reading if you haven't bought fish online through our store before.

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