4 Pack water cleanser ball treats 50ltrs each.

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 The Water Cleanser Spears treat 50ltrs per ball, One pack of 4,  200g treats 1000ltrs 

  Ideal for Aquariums or small ponds

Organic waste (fish poo, excess food, debris) in ponds causes fouling and toxins which are typically treated with biological filters. The Water Cleanser block works by putting microbes into the existing filter system make it work more effectively and in turn helping to reduce nitrites and nitrates to maintain phosphate levels. 

Making filters work more efficiently by utilising microbes that eat organic waste faster while using less oxygen than bacteria. 

For best results place the water cleanser Spears where the water has the most movement eg, filter, Sump, In the aquarium.

Why use it?

* No ammonia spikes in a new pond or aquarium setups 

* Less water changes 

* Perfect for new setups 

* Reduced filter cleaning 

* Healthier water and fish with less infections 

* Keeps the ponds balanced great for over winter or summer 

* One spear treats 50ltrs for approx. 3 months, 12 weeks

* Frog friendly

 Everything we sell, we use so you can be assured the product works and is safe for you & your fish