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New fish instore at windsor fish hatchery

New fish instore at the windsor fish hatchery

APRIL new corals and marine fish just in film clip.


 Coral Cauliflour, coral button green, button red, nubibranch green, red, Pipe organ coral green, Corallimorph fluffly, clam fluted blue small, Med. Anemone Bubble tip , Hermit Crabs , Coral branching flower purple, Coral polyp star violet, Coral Cushion, Coral Elegance, coral euphyllia frog spawn green, Mushroom disc red, green. Blenny lawn mower, Tomato Clownfish, Coral Bubble, Coral Carnation, Coral long tentacle green centre, Coral lace orange, purple. Coral Mushroom green , Purple flecked, Pipe fish aligator, pipefish banded many more corals and lots of new marine fish instore store now, More marine fish arriving Friday 11/april.



MARINE, long horn cowfish, Spotted tody, Yellow tail Toby, Black Saddle tody, Mandarine Dragonet, Bi Coloured Blenny, Domino Damsel, Lemon Peel Angel, Bi Colour Angel,



TROPICAL Cichlid peacock yellow, Cichlid peacock red, cichlid peacock albino, cichlid sulfurhead, cichlid electric yellow, cichlid Gold Malawi peacock.

 GOLDFISHBlackmoors goldfish, ryukin reds small, Oranda Red and Black 8cms, Oranda Red cap, Oranda red and white, pearlscale 10cms, Comets, Ranchu Black

BETTAS Fighters crowntails, fighters females, fighters doubletails

TROPICAL tetra Widow coloured, Catfish Sucking Golden, Assorted Tetras and lots more


New fish instore: Oranda Calico Goldfish 5cms, 7cms, and 9cms. Pearlscale, Comets Black, Oranda red cap small, medium, large, extra large. Oranda Red and White extra large, Mollies Assorted, Sail fin Mollies, Balloon mollies large, Butterfly tail pandas, Ryukin Tri colour, Kuhlii loach pink and black,Black Oranda Goldfish and lots more

Marine Large boxfish 14cms, Goby purple dart, Yellow Clown Goby, Damsell blue javanesse, cardinal banggai, Gold line Cardinal, Tang blue, Dragonet,



The Windsor Fish Hatchery get new stock of Tropical fish, Goldfish, Marine fish, live rock, corals, inverterbrates, and plants instore 3 times a month.

The newest fish will be listed on this page every month.










.Bubble eye goldfish, Bubble eye red goldfish, Ryukin Red & white goldfish, Pearlscale small and large, Oranda calico, Oranda Red, Oranda red cap large and small, Butterfly tail red and white, butterfly tail panda, Oranda Black, Buffalo Ranchu.


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