Which koi food, why, when & how much?

Which koi food, why, when & how much?

Which food,why,when & how much?

Many of our customers are confused.

simple answer JPD  for better water quality &
overall koi health, colour & size.


This is a very frequently asked question, all year round, but especially in summer. There are
many foods on the market that offer growth, colour, health, all weather etc. 

 We tested JPD koi food, & got great results.

Since 2014 we have been feeding JPD koi foods to our koi, prior to that we were feeding a mixture of foods, early on in the 90's we were feeding  hikari, to the koi a very good food, but in many ways not comparable to JPD for the KOI results' I love the results with hikari for goldfish.

We were having issues with some of the ponds, there was too much cleaning needed,& the amount of waste was affecting the water quality.

In 2014 we started feeding only JPD and were very surprised with the results. We had so many koi to feed, and the bags are 5kilos, so to spread out the food to make it go a bit further, we added JPD all weather to the food.

First the waste from the food, was so much less, before a hundred thousand litre grow pond had waste of about 6inches deep on the floor of the pond, in one season. 12months after feeding JPD for one year, we had 1inch of waste on the bottom of the pond.

This meant the water quality was 90% better, and far less cleaning was required.

We used the colour food Yamato on a selected group of koi & fed for 6 months, these koi were whiter, with no hint of yellow in the white area on the body.

The fish with red developed darker ,deeper colour the black was much more pronounced, in turn the other colours on the fish looked better, such as the blue against the black.

we also found over time the colours do not fade, this is a permanent change

Using the health diet had astounding results, after 12 months of feeding this to the breeders in the front pond, in winter we mixed it with JPD all weather food, we achieved the biggest spawning in the history of the hatchery. Over 40% more koi & a much larger survival rate from fry to fish.

JPD shori was used in the summer months on the first 2000, 5cm koi taken from the grow pond. JPD shori, was fed from November.

In January we harvested koi around 10-15cm about 30% of 900 the bigger size, in April the rest, 15% of koi were 18-22cm

We stopped feeding JPD shori in May, as the weather was getting to cold, JPD shori is a summer food only.

The best result, was finding we cured a male koi breeder from the front pond of dropsy with Medi Carp.
We found we had a sick male in the front pond, he was bloated both eyes and scales bulging , we quarantined him, not expecting much as he looked to be pretty far gone. He was fed only Medi Carp for two weeks, after the first 4 days he returned to normal size and looked quite good, after 2 weeks he was totally fine, and returned to the pond.

How much? If you had ever been to the farm and fed the fish, you would have seen we gave you a 20ml bag of food, each customer got that, to feed the koi in the front ponds, they were fed small amounts all day long. There was around 60 big koi per pond.

For the home pond, rule of thumb. Feed small amounts in the earlier part of the day, and net out any not eaten after 5 minutes.

New pond, just added fish. 5 pellets per fish, over the next 4 weeks, we don't want to feed to much, till we have a good bio load of bacteria to convert the waste products into a safe product for the fish, such as nitrate.

After 4 weeks you start to increase the food. Also as you increase the amount of fish you have. Always net off any food left floating on the pond surface.

Other foods can be mixed with JPD, to give variety.

You can see from these koi fed only on JPD foods, that the colour pops, the red being deep, the white is very white and the black very black, the metallic was also better. We believe it brings out the best potential in the koi, these koi are 12months old. From 2015 spawning.

OUR JPD is priced to sell, check it out,
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