Jpd Koi food Medi Carp floating pellet med 4mm 5kgs

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 feed the food we feed!

 Jpd koi food Medi Carp Pellet for health

High quality koi food, High digestibility, High Palatability

jpd koi food is a mix of special ingredients and koi food supplement including - seaweed extract, b-glucan and yeast cell wll which is immunostimulant. These ingredients stimulate the immune system and accelerate immune response.

USE THIS PRODUCT WHEN if you koi don't look their best, after treating for any problems in the pond and feed quarantined koi that are sick.

  Protein 37%, Fat 6%, Fiber 2.2%, Ash 8.0%, Phosphorus 1.3%, Calcium 1.3%, Sodium 0.3%