Green UVC stainless steel sterilamp 18watt

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Green UVC stainless Sterilamp 18watt includes lamp

Uv (ultraviolet) clarifiers can clear green water pea soup colour in a very short time. UV clarifiers use ultra violet radiation from the lamp to kill the suspended algae making the algae cells clump together so that these dead algae can be mechanically filtered.

*latest technology, compact structure and excellent performance. easy to use.

*easy to clean and maintain.

*energy efficient

*Efficient UV sterilizer for optimal kill of bad bacteria and algae.

*German technology

 Full instruction included

pond size up to 1watt  per 1000 litres in part sun

                                  1watt per    10,000litres    full sun

also depends on stock rates of fish and filter size.

    Maximum pump flow 10,000 litres per hour. The slower the pump runs the better the UV works.