Goldfish Food Algae Sinkers Fresh Australian Made 5mm 1kilo

Windsor Fish Hatchery
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Feeds all fish 

A food suitable for all cold water & tropical fish with added spirulina for good health & colour

Goldfish & Koi love them!!!

Made fresh weekly, keep in air tight container will last over 12 months with no moisture.

They consist of vegetable matter and various vitamins that are important to meeting the nutritional needs of your Goldfish & Koi to ensure that they remain healthy. Conveniently processed in disc-like shape 5mm, best algae food can be dropped directly into your tank and, within a matter of minutes, they will sink to the bottom and begin to soften.

Crude Protein min 35%, Crude fat min 5% ,Crude Fibre max 4% ,Moisture max 8%