Dainichi Goldfish sinking pellet 2-3mm 250g

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  Small sinking pellet 2mm A grade goldfish food.

  Protein;  38%,  Fat  4%, Fiber 4%, Moisture 9%, Ash 10%, Calicum 2%, Phosphourus 0.7%

If you want the best food for your goldfish this is it!

Colour max is a highly potent colour formula containing pure cultured spirulina and krill, with all natural minerals and nutrients designed to enhance the colour and luster of your goldfish.

Colour max promotes optimum colour in a short period of time, while providing your fish with a well- balanced diet that maintains overall health and beauty.

Usage. feed your fish only as much as they will eat immediately in a few minutes 1 to 3 times daily. small , more frequent feedings are much safer and healthier than a larger, single feeding.

                * Fortified with revolutionary nutritional coating

                     * 100% natural, colour-enhancing ingredients

                                    * Calcium Montmorillonite clay for maximum digestion



All food is packed in 100% UV light-resistant, re-sealable bags for maximum freshness.